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margaret  Margaret Otto, LSCSW

Margaret Otto, LSCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker with a full time private practice that provides counseling for solving life problems through understanding and improving human relationships. In the mental health field, there are different ways of thinking about problems. Some therapists use a medical model, other use psychoanalysis following Dr. Freud. Margaret uses Bowen family systems theory to approach problems. This way of thinking addresses internal individuals issues as well as the challenges between the individual and the group they live in. That is why it is called systems theory. Every problem is bigger than the individual, but up to the individual to do something different with it.

Margaret has been a leading provider to the Kansas City area since 1989. She is a highly experienced and educated professional in understanding individuals and their families. Assistance with personal dilemmas such as marital and relationship issues, divorce issues, illness, parenting and child concerns, partner relationship problems, sibling relationships and bereavement, anxiety and depression are some of the problems she works with. In addition, she is the Director of a non-profit organization dedicated to systems thinking called the KC Center for Family and Organizational Systems. She continues to teach and train other therapists, family medical residents, clergy and business owners. She has provided multiple presentations at the local and national level addressing how families and systems work. For more information about the K C Center for Family and Organizational Systems, go to

Mary  Mary Bosch

Mary Bosch is a Licensed Master Social Worker in Kansas and Missouri. She is completing a Postgraduate Fellow for a Specialist Clinical Social Worker in Missouri. 

Mary's approach to counseling is with the understanding that individuals are part of a family, marital, social and work systems. We are all emotionally attached and can impact or influence each other. Sometimes it's difficult to know how to act, think or respond, which can resolve the issues or lessen the tension. Having a neutral, understanding therapist to process and clarify thinking is vital. Working towards seeing the whole picture can help stuck behavior by finding practical, beneficial ways of movement or problem-solving. Mary is experienced with life issues such as infertility, adoptions, life-altering health diagnosis, parenting challenges, family conflict, grief and loss of parents/spouse, life after divorce, anxiety, and struggles of life purpose or direction. 

Mary loves road trips, travel, reading, yoga, pickleball and entertaining friends.

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