Otto Family Therapy Associates of Kansas City is a group of independent therapists in private practice interested in using Bowen Family Systems theory as the foundation of their counseling approach. 

There are different ways of thinking about problems and relationship challenges. Some mental health professionals think of problems as only residing in the individual. Some professionals think problems are primarily a result of the past or only a medical problem. Bowen theory would say that the sum of all of these issues is more than the individual parts. All of these factors and more create the problems. This theory puts forth the idea that what happens within an individual effects what happens between people. What happens between people effects what happens within the individual. It is a system of processes that can get people caught or stuck. They can learn to think differently and respond differently which can be liberating. Of course, what happens in the clinical hour is important but just as important is what happens between sessions. The therapist does not tell people what to do. They provide the consultation so that the individual becomes more sure of themselves and what they do.The clinical consultation provides an opportunity to think clearly and gain the energy to work on self in the complexity of their important relationships and daily lives. 

Margaret Otto, LSCSW  & Associates  LLC  and Mary Bosch LMSW both use Bowen Theory exclusively to guide their clinical practice. . Follow the Therapists link to learn more about these two providers.

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