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  Margaret Otto, LSCSW

Margaret Otto, LSCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker with a full time private practice that provides counseling for solving life problems through understanding and improving human relationships.  In the mental health field, there are different ways of thinking about problems.  Some therapists use a medical model, other use psychoanalysis following Dr. Freud.  Margaret uses Bowen family systems theory to approach problems.  This way of thinking addresses internal individua'ls issues as well as the challenges between the individual and the group they live in.  That is why it is called systems theory.  Every problem is bigger than the individual, but up to the individual to do something different with it.

Margaret has been a leading provider to the Kansas City area since 1989.  She is a highly experienced and educated professional in understanding individuals and their families.  Assistance with personal dilemmas such as marital and relationship issues, divorce issues, illness, parenting and child concerns, partner relationship problems, sibling relationships and bereavement, anxiety and depression are some of the problems she works with.  In addition, she is the Director of a non-profit organization dedicated to systems thinking called the KC Center for Family and Organizational Systems.  She continues to teach and train other therapists, family medical residents, clergy and business owners.  She has provided multiple presentations at the local and national level addressing how families and systems work. For more information about the K
C Center for Family and Organizational Systems, go to www.kcfamilysystems.org

Timothy E. Mathia, LPC, NCC

Tim has a passion for pursuing personal health, whole-life wellness and being a catalyst for other people seeking the same.  Tim has a Bachelor of            
Arts in psychology and a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling.  In addition to his educational pursuits, he has over 22 years of mental health experience and is currently licensed as a Profe
ssional Counselor in both Virginia and Missouri.
Professionally, Tim works as an outpatient mental health counselor.  He has experience in providing outpatient therapy, intensive In-Home therapy, and was a member of the Mobile Crisis Team in Virginia.  Tim uses the family systems therapy model as the foundation of his counseling, and his specialities include:  assessment and evaluation of mental health needs, trauma-focused care, issues related to anger and anxiety, physical and sexual abuse treatment, addictions counseling, mindfulness, substance abuse counseling, vocational wellness, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapies, anger, anxiety, depression, and grief and loss counseling. 
In his free time, Tim enjoys exercise, reading, hiking, and spending time with Sara, his lovely wife.  Tim thoroughly enjoys helping others lead a more balanced life and become healthier in their relationships.

  Ginny Lessenden, LCSW, LSCSW

Ginny Lessenden, LCSW, LSCSW is a licensed clinical social worker with twenty-eight years of experience as an outpatient therapist and in hospital based treatment.  Her current area of interest is co-occurring disorders and integrating the treatment for those with both mental health and substance use problems.  Ginny incorporates family systems theory in her work with consumers.  She is experienced in working with adults with issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, mood dysregulation, communication and social challenges, relationship problems, personal growth and addictions.  Ginny is interested in learning more about neuroscience research and what it reveals about how the brain and body functions.

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